Get to Know: Parsley

Parley, apple, orange & ginger juice

Parsley, apple, orange & ginger juice

It’s that little bit of green stuff that that gets pushed to the side of the plate, right? But parsley is more than just a garnish. In fact, one cup of parsley is pretty similar in nutritional value to eating one cup of kale! Yep, it’s full of iron, calcium, Vitamin A, C & K and folate. However, it’s fair to assume that not many of us eat a cup of parsley a day, let alone a few sprigs. Parsley may be less popular because it has such a distinct flavour, in particular the curly variety, which is often used as a garnish in soups or added to garlic butter. The Italian variety (flat-leaf) tends to be less bitter and more readily used in a variety of dishes.

So how can we get more of this nutrient-packed food into our lives? One of the easiest things to do is get that lonely bunch of parsley out of the fridge and chuck it in a juicer or blender along with some other leafy greens and/or your favourite fruit.

The Energiser (for the juicer):

1 large or 2 small apples

1 orange, peeled

Curly or Flat leaf Parsley (I like curly!)

Knob of Ginger


OR The Curly Smoothie (for the blender)

Curly Parsley

Orange (whole)


Ice Cubes

Cold water (if you like it less thick)

Chuck everything in your juicer/blender and drink! You can adjust the quantities of each ingredient to suit your own tastes. This juice is packed full of vitamins and minerals and the parsley is known to be super energising, great for the skin and keeps your breath smelling fresh! There are endless variations for juices and smoothies, just experiment by adding it to your regular juices or swapping it with whatever green you would normally use, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the taste! Parsley > kale or spinach in my books!

Happy juicing πŸ™‚


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