The Gluten Free Experiment

A few health conscious friends of mine recently started cutting out gluten from their diet as an experiment to see if it would improve their well-being and cure some of their nagging health issues. This got me thinking, why are more and more people restricting gluten? If you don’t have celiac disease, what would be the benefit? As a nutrition student, I saw a gap in our learning as we have been taught virtually nothing about this thing called gluten which is in every food I want to eat. Doh. This seems strange considering it is a widespread component of the food group Australians are encouraged to eat the most of – breads and cereals.

What do I really know about gluten apart from the fact that it’s found in this major food group?

  • I know bread with gluten tastes better than bread without it. Why? Because it gives the bread a light, chewy texture. I prefer it to the gluten-free stuff which often looks and tastes like a brick.
  • Many people are intolerant to it and when they do have it, it causes bloating, gas, fatigue and headaches.

So in other words, I don’t know that much about gluten. However, I can understand that a lot of the symptoms experienced by those who are gluten-intolerant are things that many people experience daily and perceive as a regular part of their existence. What if being tired or bloated after eating wasn’t normal? Personally, I’ve never considered myself intolerant to any kind of foods. I can usually eat whatever I want and not feel like complete crap afterwards, unless I’ve over-eaten Β or consumed a meal with a million calories. And then I just feel crap because I feel guilty. However, my health is definitely not perfect and if cutting out gluten can improve things like clear my skin, reduce bloating and increase energy, then I am willing to give it a go. My only question is, if it works, is it really the restriction of gluten that will bring about these results or will it be the restriction of calories coupled with the substitution of more fresh, unprocessed foods? As a personal experiment, it will be hard to tell however it won’t change the end result. If it is a positive one, who really cares how you got to it!

Good news is, apparently Pho is gluten-free so eating out won’t be a complete disaster πŸ˜‰

Arrivederci, gluten! I will be saying goodbye to you for 7 days and afterwards I will let you know if I notice any improvements in my health. In the meantime, it’s time to devise some suitable gluten-free meals! Stay tuned for some delicious recipes over the next week πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “The Gluten Free Experiment

  1. Almost my whole family is about 95% gluten free and they love it. They got hooked on Kris Carr, a health and wellness writer who writes about living with cancer, and are now lower sugar and mostly gluten and dairy free and feel AMAZING. Right now I don’t have the ability to go GF (I am living with a host family in a foreign country and bread+crackers form the base for every meal) but when I get home I plan on trying it as well!

    All the best–looking forward to seeing if you feel better or not sans gluten.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! It’s great to hear your family is doing well without gluten and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some results. I’m currently reading “Wheat Belly” by William Davis which I was told was a good book about why I should go gluten free. Appreciate your support and I’ll post up my progress next week πŸ™‚ hope you’re home with the fam soon!

  2. Hey there! Me and my family are gluten free and we love it! I had NO idea how much of an intolerance I had to gluten until I was eating a clean diet. I thought that the groggy, tired feeling I would get after eating was just normal. Now, it even effects me with extreme bloating and – like you mentioned above- headaches!! I hope you notice a big difference and like what you experience! If you would like some gluten free recipes to help out your week long trial check my page out! Although, my recipes are free of other allergens, they are still healthy and gluten free!! Good Luck!!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Jennifer! I’m looking forward to seeing some great results, I’m starting today! Would definitely love to feel less tired after eating. Glad to hear its working well for you, and I will be checking out your page because I would love more ideas for my little experiment! Thanks again! Xx

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