The Gluten Free Experiment – Day 7 Update

So just wanted to update y’all on my week sans gluten!

All in all I did pretty well sticking to the plan, avoiding gluten until day 6 when I ordered pizza from a local joint and forgot to ask for a gluten free base – whoops! Day 7 was also a fail because I went to a baby shower where the mumma-to-be insisted on me eating her expensive cake :/ 

For the 5 days I was completely gluten free I felt pretty good! The positives to the diet were:

  • less calories consumed overall
  • less snacking
  • reduced appetite
  • zero cravings for sweets
  • felt less bloated
  • increased feeling of fullness during meals, therefore less food eaten

The negatives were:

  • occasional craving for bread (especially when walking by bakeries!)
  • gluten-free flour (didn’t work well in the recipes I used)
  • finding appropriate foods to eat while dining out

I don’t think I lost any weight over the week but I feel that if I continue on this diet, I probably will, due to the reduction in snacking and meal sizes (and therefore overall caloric intake). For me, someone who doesn’t have a recognisable intolerance to gluten, the adoption of a gluten-free lifestyle would be more about weight control.

I am still undecided as to what was the real cause of the reduction in cravings. It could either be due to going cold turkey on “naughty” foods (cakes, biscuits, chocolate), i.e. if you don’t eat it, you don’t crave it OR it may have been a direct result of gluten removal. In regards to my greater feeling of satisfation during meals, again, I am not sure if this was due directly to gluten removal or if it was simply the introduction of more protein (more satiating) to substitute for the carbohydrates.

Either way, I am happy with the result and I will continue eating gluten-free! I enjoyed being able to experiment with new foods and inadvertently I also increased my fruit and vegetable intake. It’s a win all round!


2 thoughts on “The Gluten Free Experiment – Day 7 Update

  1. Have you tried different gluten free flour blends? They seem to come with a variety of ingredients depending on what brand and I guess they behave differently when cooked too!? Some include xanthan gum which apparently helps to bind in place of gluten – have you experimented with this at all?

    • I haven’t tried any other flours actually! I should! The one I have lists rice, tapioca, maize and some “thickener”. I will have to keep an eye out for some with the xantham gum. I found that the flour I have seems to work better when more egg is involved??!

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