Cow & Co


I’m not sure if I’m going to get hate mail for this but I want to put it out there – froyo > ice cream. Cue the screams. Seriously though, I love ice cream and all, but the joy I get from pulling a lever and filling my never-big-enough cup of frozen yoghurt and then eagerly scooping a variety of amazing fruits, nuts and sugary treats on top, will never be greater than eating an ice cream cone. Maybe it’s the fact that I am taking part in the creation of something awesome and therefore my ego is stroked every time I create a winning combination of froyo goodness. Mostly it’s just that it tastes damn good because it’s definitely not the fact that it’s a healthier option (let’s stop kidding ourselves, shall we).

Before Cow & Co I must admit my love for froyo was weak. I had tried Fruizberry in Glenelg which I thought was good but the fact is, I didn’t know what was really good until I had had GOOD. Cow & Co is my new standard for froyo. Located in the heart of Adelaide, on King William Street, Cow & Co is a small self-serve frozen yoghurt store as well as a cafe which serves up a bunch of organic and gluten free treats. The main attraction is the froyo of course, with six flavours on offer which change daily including coconut, hazelnut, taro and good ol’ original which is my personal favourite. Once your cup is filled with your yoghurt of choice, you can head over to the tables of toppings where you will find a range of fresh fruits and other things that you wouldn’t find at your stock standard froyo shop. Things like organic buckinis, shaved coconut, almonds, mochis and poppers are some of my favourites on offer. Their selection is definitely the best I’ve seen in adelaide.

The only downside to this place is that it is way too easy to go OTT with the yoghurt and toppings, making it pretty expensive compared to ice cream. My creations have ranged in price from $6-8 because I like to go crazy when I’m there! But it’s worth it because it tastes so good. Compared to other frozen yoghurts in adelaide, this stuff is so much better, it doesn’t melt in 30 seconds and the range of flavours and toppings is next to none. Pop in when you’re in town next, you won’t regret it!


Five AM Organic Yoghurt


So there are two ways to figure out if a food is bad for you. You can:

1. Learn how to read and interpret the Nutrition Information Panel which requires effort OR

2. You can eat the food and if it tastes really frickin’ good, it’s probably bad for you. I don’t trust foods that taste way too good to be healthy!

This is what happened to me when I tasted five:am Organic Yoghurt (in Vanilla Bean) the other day. So hey, it’s yoghurt. Everyone knows yoghurt is good for you, right? 3 serves of calcium a day, that’s what they say. I’m not going to bother reading the label because I know I’m supposed to eat it and on top of that, it says it’s organic. Less additives and chemicals and all that. It’s gotta be good right? Yes, it’s good! It’s DAMN good. So good in fact, it’s the best yoghurt I’ve ever tasted. Suddenly alarm bells started ringing in my head and I thought – “Uh, Oh…this yoghurt HAS to be bad for me! It’s better than ice cream!”

The fact is, food companies play on the fact that a lot of us are hard-wired to like the taste of high-fat, high-sugar and high-salt foods, and they fill their products with it in the knowledge that they are going to be really appealing. So sometimes when I eat a food that tastes good, I’m thinking it’s got to be filled with some sort of baddies.

This yoghurt tastes like it should be on your cheat meal list but rest assured, it’s totally good for you! Don’t worry, I checked (even made the effort and read the nutrition panel and everything :P) It’s rich, creamy, not too sweet and is 100% Australian Certified Organic so you know you’re not consuming any chemicals, pesticides or preservatives. The other flavour they have on offer is Honey & Cinnamon and the boy and I are having debates about which one is better (Vanilla Bean FTW!). We are definitely looking forward to more flavours being released in the big 700g tubs! The facebook page is pretty cool too 🙂

Try it and I dare you to not eat half a tub in one sitting! It was an accident…